Decision Making (If statement) Lesson 10

Conditional statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions. The if statement is one of the most frequently used conditional statements. It is given a condition and if that condition is true, the block of code inside the if statement is executed otherwise, it is not executed. Important term: Block of code: … Read more Decision Making (If statement) Lesson 10

Operators Part-3 (Lesson 8)

This is our third lesson on operators. In this lesson we are going to study about logical operators, relational operators and and the conditional operator. Logical Operators: Logical operators are applied on Boolean values. Remember that Boolean value is either true or false. We studied about Boolean variables in the variables lesson. Following are the … Read more Operators Part-3 (Lesson 8)

Operators Part-1 (Lesson 6)

Operators are used to perform operations on values. The concept of operators is very simple. First, we are studying mathematical operators. Following mathematical operators are available in java: Addition (+) Subtraction (-) Multiplication (*) Division (/) Modulo (%) Addition: I won’t tell you what addition is. Subtraction: Same as above. Multiplication and Division: Modulo: The … Read more Operators Part-1 (Lesson 6)